My name is Bill Dale. I have been working in Banking and Finance for over 25 years. The last 15 years have been specifically aligned to assisting medical professionals with Home and Investment Mortgages. This is all that I do so I have an extensive amount of knowledge and experience in this field.

I also hold a Diploma in Financial Planning and a big part of what I do is making sure the client makes a well informed and intelligent decision in relation to obtaining the right mortgage for their needs.   

Much of this is about the mistakes that I have seen many times over the last 15 years. I am a strong believer in not over committing financially. I am a strong believer in forced savings. I am a strong believer in clients having a good buffer in place in case of emergencies. I am a strong believer in structuring your mortgage in the smartest way right at the start.  

No matter how much money you earn, you can still get yourself into financial difficulty and you can still make silly decisions.

I would regard myself as a very conservative lender. I want the client to tell me what they feel they can afford. I don’t want to hear the question “How much can we borrow?” I hate that question with a passion. I want the client to have thought about the future. Is starting a family on the horizon? Will household income be increasing significantly in the medium term meaning that they can stretch themselves a bit now?

I could go on forever about many things that I feel are crucial to borrowing money responsibly and lending money responsibly.

This doesn’t mean that I give everyone a hard time! I can see people that have got things under control from a mile away. It takes me about 10 seconds.

I just don’t want to put clients in positions that they might regret being in over time. I think it is important to be honest, ethical and sensible.

Whilst this has lost me business in the past I feel that my success has resulted in the fact that I try and have meaningful conversations with prospective clients and not just use a computer to work out what they can borrow. I will always give honest opinions and advice if I feel that the client is over committing themselves financially. If this is not what the client wants to hear and it results in them looking elsewhere for assistance then I can live with that.

I started my own business because I became frustrated with how the banks operate and how much politics and corporatization is involved.

I try and make the process as easy, painless and as efficient as possible whilst still making sure I am giving decent advice and guidance to the client.