1. What is your long- term goal for the property you are buying? Will you live there forever? Might it become an investment property one day?
  2. When might you decide to start a family? Do you want to go back to work straight away after this so you can afford your mortgage.
  3. Are you ok to stretch yourself a bit now because you have nearly finished your speciality training and your income will increase significantly soon?
  4. How do you buy a place before selling your existing home so moving is not so painful?
  5. Should you keep some cash out in case something goes wrong? Do you have a buffer in place in case you have some unexpected expenses?
  6. Can you still afford your payments if rates go up quickly? If the answer is no should you fix some of your loan to give you some security?
  7. Should you use an offset account to save in interest or would you be better suited to forcing yourself to pay higher payments on the loan? Should you do a bit of both?
  8. Do you spend money that is in your account? Are you good at saving? Do you want to have enough leftover funds to be able to enjoy your life?
  9. What is the right property to buy? Should you buy something smaller closer to the City or something larger and newer a bit further out?
  10. Are you ready to buy a much nicer place because you have just become a specialist but have limited equity or cash available to assist?

These are the sorts of burning questions that all medical professionals are mulling over when looking to borrow and buy or when deciding what they need with a Home or Investment loan.

Hopefully with our expertise and experience in this space we can try our best to help you make the best decisions.